[TRANS] 130819 ‘Japanese Tour Finale’ TVXQ, The Achievements Made By These Two Men



Since making their Japanese debut eight years ago, TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin) have become the first non-Japanese singers to perform at the Nissan Stadium, proving yet again that they are the greatest stars of the Hallyu Wave.

TVXQ made their Japanese debut in 2005 and employed a glocalization strategy, starting at the bottom and working their way up slowly but surely. Now, they are the most representative success case in K-pop’s history.

TVXQ held the finale of their ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~’ Five Dome tour, which attracted 850,000 people across 18 concerts, at the Nissan Stadium on the 17th and 18th of August.

We’ve looked back on the achievements made by TVXQ during their last Japanese tour.

#86,800,000,000 = TVXQ have recorded sales of over 80 billion Won through ticket sales alone for their latest tour. With tickets costing an average of 9,000 Yen each (9,800 for the…

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